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Hunting & trapping animals was a way of life for our ancestors. Utilizing the meat for food and their furs for bags, blankets, hats, mittens, and more. Mountain Men traded the furs they caught for supplies. Animal pelts are preserved by tanning them. Tanning animal skins is a process by which the flesh is removed from the skin and the hide is treated and preserved for garments or taxidermy. Our Custom hair on tanning is a way to help keep this part of our history in the present. Due to our high volume we are currently only providing the hair on tanning process. We are not removing the fur and tanning for leather.

Furs For Fun is located in Rupert, Idaho. We provide custom hair-on tanning for garment and taxidermy use.

We also have a great selection of ready-Made Fur Products to choose from. Contact us if you are looking for fur hats, mittens, bags, blankets, leather moccasins and more. Contact us if you are interested in any of these products, or we may be able to custom make something for you.



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