Shipping Instructions

Make sure your skins are fleshed & dried. Fleshed, Salted and Dried skins are welcome. No green or frozen hides.

Print a shipping form from our website or include a sheet of paper with all your contact information

Include a list of your list skins in your packages.

Do not forget to include your wildlife legal taking permits, tags, licenses, seals, etc.

Include your Trappers or Hunting license number, also include your Fur buyers, or Taxidermy license number if applicable

Keep fish & wildlife tags/seals with each skin

We do not accept illegally taken skins.

For skins not listed on our price list, E-mail or call for pricing.
All tanning is done at owner’s risk!

We will mail you an invoice once your skins are done.

Ship to : Furs for Fun, 333 West 600 North, Rupert, Idaho, 83350

NOTE: Walk-ins welcome!

Payment Method

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, Checks or you can pay online by using your personal link provided on your invoice.

NOTE: A $35.00 service charge will apply to all returned checks!

Payment is due on receipt of invoice.