Taxidermy Tanning Pricing

Furs For Fun provides quality hair-on tanning at reasonable prices. Please contact us for more information or wholesale pricing. We do not accept frozen hides.

Taxidermy Tanning Price List

Price per Hide*
Antelope Cape 55.00
Antelope Full Hide 65.00
Bear Cape 80.00
Bear Full Mount (per linear foot) 22.00
Caribou Cape 65.00
Caribou Hide 85.00
Caribou Full Mount 95.00
Deer Cape 60.00
Deer Hide – Flat 55.00
Deer Full Mount 95.00
Elk Cape 100.00
Elk Hide 110.00
Elk Full Mount 165.00
Moose Cape 110.00
Moose Hide 120.00
Moose Full Mount 215.00
Mountain Lion Cape 85.00
Mountain Lion Hide (per linear foot) 22.00
Mountain Lion Full Mount (per linear foot) 22.00
Buffalo Cape 260.00 – 350.00
Buffalo Hide (per square foot) 9.50


If we do not receive a license number your skins will be retuned COD. **ALL Tanning at your Own Risk**

**We DO NOT Accept Green or Frozen Hides** Furs will not be accepted without valid license information (Hunting License number, Trapping License number, etc.) *Please call for availability. *Prices subject to change without notice.