Shipping Policy


Furs For Fun will reject furs/hides believed to be missing a required government tag / seal, You, the shipper, must know the laws of your state including which species require tags / seals for state export.

Skins with tags / seals attached that have been tampered with will also be rejected. Although your state may allow taxidermists to remove tags / seals, it may still be illegal to ship the raw skin out of your state without a tag / seal. In such cases where laws conflict the export clause takes precedence.

Lacey Act Compliance Form

The Lacey Act (16 USC 3371 – 3378) is a federal law regulating the shipment of wildlife skins/furs in interstate commerce. In essence, the Lacey Act prohibits the shipment in interstate commerce of wildlife skins/hides that have been taken in violation of the laws of the state of origin and the receipt and/or possession of any skin/hide so shipped.  Furs For Fun (FFF) processes skins received directly from the owners thereof, and, on a sub-contracted basis for fur buyers, taxidermists, tanneries, collectors, and other third-party intermediaries and cannot ascertain in any given instance whether or not a particular fur/skin has been taken in compliance with the laws of the state of origin.

Therefore, it is FFF company policy that the following signed statement shall accompany each shipment from all of our customers. Without such signed statement, the shipment will be rejected. (If more than one order form is used on a large shipment, each order form must have a signed statement attached to the order form.)

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